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Text by lepapadepablo

Too much pressure, too many restrains. Everything is grey, buildings, the sky, the suits.

We live in cages, golden or spacious. No manners left, no more jobs, not enough
love. But what are we humans doing?

What have the human race become by rising itself above other animals. They say of
mankind that he drinks without thirst and that he can make love at any time, that's what
differentiates him from other animals.

And you, have you talked to your inside animal recently?

Manpower doesn't recruit any more... The rise of girl Power which have unsettled society,
the aera has come to obey "animalpower".

In 1968 women liberates men, 2000 the "she watch dogs" protects the women.
In 2009 the women keeps the men under a leach. It's time to liberate the animal inside you!

Man or women, it's the animal which lives inside you that attracts or pushes
away the desired sex, opposed or assumed. It's by feeling animal you are the
most human. Forget the constraints, break the barriers, open the cage:
the normality is in the "animality". Reveal your body and embrace
this nature which has given you everything.

Yell for another fashion !

A fashion made for women and men who like themselves, with all the
imperfections which make that everybody is unique, women
well in their body, men well in their women.

Certain wear furcoats like a trophee caught in nature. Stick out
your head from the handbag, the trophee is you. Behave like an
animal, don't wear it.

Yes, Yes you have animality ! Wake up, wake up the animal inside you!
But remember to abandon the sheep who might live inside you.

Enter in the arena, you are so a live.

Published in:

Schön magazine

Photo: Tim Fahlbush

For model inqueries contact:

Stylism: Patrycja Matysiak

Make-up: Laurence Meric

Hair styling and Art Direction : Hans

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once dried your hair! I will present you Lord B, Superroquet. He flies for the
other candidate, you know the black guy. You know the guy who won.