Text by lepapadepablo

French version

Chalk Maurice, tasteless icon of Subscriber Series B to Z...
U know from the picture box where you probably laugh some 
Sunday, naked on your couch between two taff of smoking 
or less attractive lipido-saturated chips.

Meet up with the Beyond Girls...

But here, you see some of his enemies at the box office.  
Gross Wallace, Italian Stallion who also believed being brash to provide
Media favors to unfortunate candidate McCain’s indefensible position,
unless he was just an old star evaporated along with his success.

HEY but what time is it? 
YES you are late Chalk! it's too late! 
My god, that's what has been hurting America!


Chalk has simply followed the evolution of people, drawn not by
the light, But by what is shining. Bling-bling mania, shirt open, 
brush hairs that stick out, cyber bimbos on hand. 

I have nothing 2 fear...

You represent these cynical and dangerous beings and hordes of fashionistas who think
that their look is capital and just mocking with capitalism and the short-lived stars that we 
see in the television academies! These are the Wanabitches, descendants of the Bush
administration.  From bush to bush America, as the world comes closer to asphyxiation. 


The attitude: "the only bush I trust is my own!"

Il est en retard!

The impeccable hairstyle, tight muscles and the blue pill in your pocket, you 
evening stroll meeting people “people” in supermarkets, with the sole purpose of 
chasing a small who can handle your social case...! 

UR late chalk!!!

- Dring dring! Is there someone in there? Manpower doesn’t recruit anymore,
rising Girl Power has confounded society, here has come the time of animal power. 


BOND? No BEYOND...!!! Beyond Girlz!
You will understand YES CAN B... Attention the little bird will come out!!!

Can I touch UR titiies?!?!

What's up dude???


Now that your ass is on the ground, thus dry your tears as you once dried your 
hair! I will present you Lord B, Superroquet. He flies for the other candidate,
you know the black guy. You know the guy who won! 

You're late Chalk! 


Yes B can !

Photo: Sune Kowsky

Mannequins: Gary, Troels, Juliette, Florence, Marie Lefort, Weejay

Stylisme: Patrycja Matysiak / Alexandre Levi

Maquillage: Laurence Meric

Coiffure et Direction Artistique : Hans Henrick

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We live in cages, golden or spacious.
No manners left, no more jobs, not enough love.
But what are we humans doing?